Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 040

Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 40
Advanced Photoshop issue 40
- pdf | 194mb -

Advanced Photoshop magazine is packed full of expert advice for mastering professional Photoshop skills. Each edition has in-depth tutorials inspired by the latest commercial trends covering all the key Photoshop skills, from digital painting and photomanipulation, to graphical illustration and typographical effects. The magazine also has inspirational interviews with some of the biggest names in the creative world, a tailored Photoshop Helpdesk, and features looking in more detail at industry skills and services. Every issue comes with a free CD, which contains files to aid you with that issue’s workshops, as well as free resources, video tutorials and wallpapers.

The latest and greatest techniques:
- Master the Channels palette 
- How to draw a golden-age comic-book hero
- Fantasy photomontage skills

Creative Tutorials 
Challenging & inspiring Masterclasses inc:
- Create a cyborg
- Design a mixed-media montage
- Make a colourful spacescape

Also featured
- Inside the videogames art industry
- Expert tips for turning professional
- Interview with Ray Caesar

Download: Click Here

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