Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013
Advanced Photoshop Magazine edisi terbaru telah di publikasikan yaitu Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013, anda bisa melihat disitus resminya yang saya share dibawah. Advanced photoshop magazine ini sebenarnya berbayar sekitar $.5,99. namun blog senirupa membagikan kepada anda semua dengan gratis disini. Jika anda tertarik untuk mendownload free Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013 ini silahkan menuju link dibawah dari posting ini.

Berikut ulasan dan Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013

Master polygons Build a dynamic image using free photo stock, geometric shapes and gradients

22 Fantasy art tips
- Essential advice from artists including how to blend photography and work with lighting

Creative retouching
- We reveal how digital artists combine CG software with Photoshop to achieve photocell effects

Industry review: Manga Studio 5
- What we thought of the latest digital painting software from comic artists

Digital illustration
- Combine traditional hand-drawn images with Curves, layer masks and adjustment tools

Also inside...

- Pro Panel: Our contributors share Photoshop secrets
- Portfolio interview: Digital art masterclass with Joel Boucquemont
- Project focus: Fantastical sporting imagery
- Studio interview: Shotopop
- Create a photoreal scene
- How I made: The Morning Star
- Design 3D type
- How I made: Atlantide
- Metro style websites
- Matte painting techniques
- Reader interview: Texture, lighting & colour
- Resource project: Digital paper craft
- Review: Manga Studio 5
- Reivew: Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone, Poly iPad app

Magazine Detail :

Title : Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013
Publisher :
Bahasa : Inggris
Type File : PDF
Jumlah Halaman : 100 page
Besar File : 24 MB MB
Download : Mediafire

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