Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 110 2013

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 110 2013
Kembali lagi Blog Senirupa membagikan kepada anda semua majalah Tutorial Photoshop Advanced Photoshop Magazine untuk Issue 110 2013 kelanjutan dan Issue - issue sebelumnya yang bisa anda download gratis di blog senirupa ini. Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 110 2013 adalah merupakan edisi terbaru dari seri majalah ini yang terbit setiap bulan dan sebenarnya berbayar.
Adapun isi atau kontent dari Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 110 2013 kali ini adalah sebagai berikut :

Liquid paint effect

Discover creative photomanipulation using masking, adjustment and Warp tools

Adobe reveals Photoshop CC

- The lowdown on the new features and Creative Cloud integration

Industry cover art

- Take an in-depth look at the production of digital album covers

15 illustration tips & tricks

- Professionals give their top tips on creating packaging and high-profile advertisements

Character concepts in CS6

- Work with perspective, lighting and contrast using digital painting techniques

Also inside...

  • Pro Panel: Our contributors share Photoshop secrets
  • Portfolio interview: The pursuit of light and colour with Marta Nael
  • Project focus: Stunning mosaics in CS6
  • Studio interview: DKNG studios
  • Digital album artwork
  • Abstract graphics
  • Atmospheric landscapes
  • Create stylish vintage type
  • How I made: Shine by Kris Shields
  • Action-packed composites
  • Reader interview: Engaging photo illustration
  • Resource project: Produce paint splash stock
  • Review feature: RAW war
  • Review: Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Magazine Detail :

Title : Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 109 2013
Publisher :
Bahasa : Inggris
Type File : PDF
Jumlah Halaman : 100 page
Besar File : 24 MB
Download : Mediafire

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