Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 101 2013

Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 101 2013
Posting kali ini kami kembali membagikan kepada anda seri majalah dari Photoshop Creative Magazine untuk Issue 101 2013. Sebelumnya kami telah membagikan kepada anda Photoshop Creative Magazine Essue 100 2013, dan jika anda belum mendownload dan tertarik untuk itu, silahkan anda menuju link diatas.
Adapun kontent untuk edisi Photoshop Creative Magazine untuk Issue 101 2013 ini adalah sebagai berikut.

Quick & easy special effects

Fantasy composites

- Use stock photos and blend modes to make incredibly artwork.

Master the Brush tool

- The important and versatile tool comes under scrutiny with this 8-page special.

Special effects

- With this great guide and a spot of creative flair learn to make the cover artwork!

Compose surreal artwork

- Basic editing skills to create a work of art.

Dan juga dalam majalah tersebut.

- Edit on the go with the Photoshop Touch app
- Glowing illustrations
- Vivid portraits
- Stylised sketches
- Create splatter effects
- Stellar compositions
- Design a party invite
- Warp your photos
- Use Levels to improve photos
- Four portrait projects
- Creative colour control
- Resize your images
- Fix heavy shadows
- Retro photo effects
- Our readers' talented work on show
- A chance to win a photo effects plug-in
- Fujifilm FinePix XP60 gets our opinion
- The Dell UltraSharp U2413 monitor under scrutiny
- Our review of Color Efex Pro 4
- Cinematic effects
- Mixed-media montages
- Make a person a cyborg
- Cross-processing in Photoshop Elements
- Learn about smart brushes 

Magazine Detail :

Title : Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 101 2013
Publisher :
Type File : pdf
Bahasa : Inggris
Jumlah Halaman : 116 page
Besar file : 46,3 MB
Download : Mediafire

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