Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 102 July 2013

Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 102 July 2013
Setelah beberapa hari belakangan ini absen ngeposting, untuk kali ini kami akan membagikan kepada anda semua seri kelanjutan dari Photoshop Creative Magazine yang terbit setiap bulan dan untuk edisi kali ini adalah Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 102 July 2013. Semoga apa yang kami bagikan untuk anda semua di blog senirupa ini berguna untuk anda.

Content :

Make art with layers

Free photo book worth £15
- An exclusive code to get every reader a free photo book

Perfect retouches
- Improve skin tone, remove blemishes and create the perfect portrait.

Shoot, edit, share
- The complete Photoshop workflow, from the camera to the printer.

The power of Photoshop layers
- Make the incredible image on the front cover in 3 hours.

Also inside...
- Paint with fire
- Master mixed media
- Top 10 Creative Cloud features
- Add cartoons to photos
- Magic Eraser tool
- Fun family photo effects
- Essential edits
- An interview with Brain Dump's Phillip Caudell
- Create a vintage map
- Wild photo edits
- Learn about Camera Raw
- Paint with custom brushes
- Merge photos with illustrations
- Photoshop and Elements Q&A
- Design a graphic print poster
- Turn day to night
- Is the Canon PowerShot N worth the price tag?
- Discover which plug-in won Editor's choice

Magazine Detail :

Title : Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 102 July 2013
Publisher :
Type File : pdf
Bahasa : Inggris
Jumlah Halaman : 116 page
Besar file : 45,3 MB
Download : Mediafire

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