3D Creative Magazine Issue 98 October 2013

3D Creative Magazine Issue 98 October 2013
Kembali lagi kami membagikan kepada anda seri majalah 3 Dimensi dari 3D Creative Magazine untuk Issue 98 October 2013, adapun kontent atau isi dari majalah 3D Creative untuk edisi kali ini bisa anda lihat sebagai berikut :

Creating creature concepts for film
The art of Hollywood beasts designer, Jerad S. Marantz

Digital art giant: Peter König
Peter König shares his advice and tricks from quarter of a century in the industry

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Create photoreal hair
Dan Roarty offers tips on one of trickiest subjects in 3D portraiture: creating convincing hair

Texture, light and perfect characters
Andrew Hickinbottom teaches techniques for bringing characters to life

Create textures for stylized characters
How to extract and texture UV maps in 3ds Max with character modeler Seid Tursic

Light and render your WIPs
Patrick Evrard shares how he lights and renders his models in preparation for finishing touches

Design and model fantasy creatures
Pavel Terekhov guides us through his creature-creation workflow in ZBrush and Maya

The sketchbook of Nacho Riesco
Freelance artist Nacho Riesco reveals his amusing stylized ZBrush sketches

Master a ZBrush creature-design workflow
Alvaro Ribeiro shares the ZBrush workflow he was taught by Rafael Grassetti for awesome creatures

Create striking images
Martin Nikolov shares how he made the striking image Mangbetu Woman in ZBrush and Photoshop

Digital Art Master: Dawn
Learn how Alessandro Baldasseroni goes about crafting epic characters using ZBrush and 3ds Max

Magazine Detail :

Title : 3DCreative Magazine Issue 98 October 2013
Author: 3DTotal.com Ltd
Format: PDF
Size: 36MB
Pages: 127
Download : Mediafire 
Source : http://www.3dcreativemag.com/issues_2013/october/main.htm

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