Fantasy Artist Magazine Issue 39

Fantasy Artist Magazine Issue 39

Become a maestro of manga

Create a classic fantasy femme
Take inspiration from Frank Frazetta in your character work.

Illustrate mythical creatures
Add extra impact to horse-based beasties.

Design an evil character
Manufacture your own fantasy villain with our guide.

The art of fantasy landscapes
Professionals reveal their secrets for successful backdrops.

Also inside...
Discover comic superheroes
Manga masterclass
Draw steampunk technology
Paint a quest-fantasy scene
Use fantasy iconography
Incorporate real-world references in scenes
Create anime-style landscapes
Merge cute and creepy
Design basic weapons and armoury
Secrets of effective backgrounds
Manga-inspired faerie art
Tips for fairytale figures
Galleries and image breakdowns

Magazine Detail :

Title : Fantasy Artist Magazine Issue 39
Publisher :
Type File : pdf
Jumlah Halaman : 100 page
Besar File : 60 MB
Download : Mediafire

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