3D Artist Magazine Issue 74 2014

3D Artist Magazine Issue 74 2014
3D Artist is an invaluable guide to the world of 3D, whether you are a budding artist or experienced professional. Each issue goes behind the scenes on the latest movies, talks to the most talented 3D artists and features the hottest new technologies. But that's just the start because 3D Artist is committed to showcasing the finest work being produced by the 3D community, with the Gallery that showcases amazing images to the tutorials and Q&A where inspiring artists share their workflow and skills. Each issue also contains a CD packed full of models, textures, software and accessories, making 3D Artist the complete package for anyone who appreciates 3D.

Content :

Re-create Nature

50 3ds Max Tips & Tricks
- 3D experts reveal the best methods for achieving success in 3ds Max

Master The Elements In Maya
- Professionals guide you through the process of recreating the natural elements using Autodesk's versatile software

Re-Create Nature With Maya XGen
- Photorealism master Yasin Hasanian teaches you how to make his stunning cover image

Build A Fairytale Castle
- Blender pro Ben Simonds looks to fantasy for his arch-vis inspiration

Also inside...
- Learn how to sculpt dynamic forms
- Build an old classroom using Cinema 4D and V-Ray
- Discover macro modelling
- Learn how to animate in a hand-drawn style
- Piotr Rusnarczyk talks you through character creation
- Utilise Marvelous Designer to simulate clothing
- Remove moving objects in NUKE
- Discover what makes the Nvidia Quadro K5200 such a great GPU
- Is Cinema 4D R16 as good as the previous iteration?
- Learn how best to sculpt a sci-fi helmet
- We dissect the MSI Ghost WS60 2OJ
- Discover an incredible, rapid crowd simulator
- Andrea Cristea discusses his career
- Our pick of the best images around
- Discover latest happenings in the 3D community
- The 3DArtistOnline Gallery showcase
- The latest industry news, product launches – and more!

Magazine Detail :

Title :  3DArtist Magazine Issue 74 2014
Publisher : http://www.3dartistonline.com
Bahasa : Inggris
File Type : PDF
Jumlah Halaman : 100 Pages
Besar File : 60,5 Mb
Download : Mediafire

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