Imagine FX Magazine April 2015

Imagine FX Magazine April 2015
This month's issue will bring you closer to your goal of working in the book illustration industry. We've gathered together art directors and pro artists, who have provided key advice on getting your artwork featured on the front of books – and how to avoid ending up on the reject pile! We also visit Orbit Books and discover how the art is chosen for its well-regarded fantasy and sci-fi book output. Author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi talks about the success of The Spiderwick Chronicles, his work for Dungeons & Dragons, and what his next project will be on, while Jonny Duddle reveals the thinking behind his cover for the next generation of Harry Potter readers. Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and the Arthurian characters Merlin and Morgana Le Fey are reinterpreted by our workshop artists, and David Palumbo explains how he uses different light sources to tell the story of his paintings. We round off the issue with John Stanko revealing how he's able to capture a character's emotions on the canvas, and Alex Stone's inventive take on a tale from an old children's TV programme. And there's a free 226-page eBook worth £10.49 for every reader, containing inspirational art, interviews and painting techniques used by top artists including Daryl Mandryk and Android Jones!

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Title :  Imagine FX Magazine Issue 120 April 2015
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Bahasa : Inggris
Type File : PDF
Jumlah Halaman : 116 Page
Besar File : 43,3 Mb
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