Imagine FX Magazine Issue 121 May 2015

Imagine FX Magazine Issue 121 May 2015
Imagine FX May 15 Issue 121: 'The Manga Edition.'
You’ll find stunning imagery and brilliant ways to get painting art in the style of manga in our workshop pages:
  • Make your manga art pop! Use bright, cohesive colours, says Paul Kwon
  • Digital pastel techniques- Jade Mosch’s  shares some practical knowledge about her digital pastelling techniques.
  • Tap into the power of layers; Paris Christou gets more from SketchBook Pro.
  • How to design a manga character; From concept to finished art, the Low Zi Rong way.
  • Combine anime and photobashing; Valentina Remenar paints a sci-fi warrior.
  • Paint a manga environment; FeiGiap shows how he depicts a nostalgic scene.

  • We meet the happy campers at Indonesia’s pioneering and versatile Caravan Studio.
  • The Japanophile Russian Ilya Kuvshinov talks about responding to criticism and being a manga ladies man.
  • Your questions answered, how to paint dirt, rust, fog, falling snow, calming colours, a quick environment, draw from reference, and more.
  • Are artist self-portraits the original selfies – and equally self-indulgent and narcissistic? We get artists to discuss the merits and downfalls of creating their own self-portrait.

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