The Professional PhotoShop Book Vol. 5

The Professional PhotoShop Book Vol. 5
A collection of tips and tutorials for working with Adobe Photoshop, including new tools and techniques. Explore a range of ways you can put your Photoshop skills to use, including combining Photoshop with 3D methods, digital painting, and photomanipulation. Learn how to create a brand identity, and read expert advice on how to approach businesses in the field, allowing you to take your Photoshop expertise to professional levels.


The independent guide to becoming an expert Photoshop user.

Photo Editing
- Manipulate every photo to your preferences

Digital Painting
- Bring your illustrations and portraits to new heights with these techniques in digital painting

3D and Photoshop
- Find out how to combine 3D and Photoshop methods to develop dynamic images

Graphics & New Media
- Creating stunning graphics and adapt your work to suit web design or app building

Also inside...
-Ultimate CC tool guide
-Land your dream creative job

Photo editing
- Pro retouch secrets
- Make creative photo edits
- Construct dynamic layer effects
- Master creative lighting effects
- Combine photos and graphics

- Make an eye-catching advert
- Create a vibrant night scene
- Understand compositing
- Use dynamic layer effects
- Master compositing

Digital painting
- Master brushes
- Create mind-blowing manga art
- Devise concept art for film
- Create dramatic lighting
- Design your own characters

3D & Photoshop
- Set the mood in 3D
- Master 3D blends
- Transform 3D renders
- Master 3D type
- Blend 3D images

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Title :  The Professional PhotoShop Book Vol. 5
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Bahasa : Inggris
Type File : PDF
Jumlah Halaman : 180 Page
Besar file : 88Mb
Download : Mediafire | Google Drive
Pasword : blog-senirupa

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